Collection: ML Art and Design

After years of whipping up culinary masterpieces, I swapped my spatula for a paintbrush in 2023. Surprisingly, in my fabulous 40s (I'm going to ride that wave as long as I can!), I discovered a brand-new passion. Most nights, you'll find me in the peaceful hush of our home, creating vibrant artworks inspired by the stunning tropical beauty that surrounds us. Selling a piece of my art for someone to enjoy every day feels just as personal and fulfilling as cooking a delicious meal for them.

The name ML Art and Design is a tribute to my maiden name, Michelle Lowth, in honor of both my parents, who discovered a love for art in their retirement. Though they are no longer with us, I think of them often when I'm painting.  I hope to inspire my community to try new things—you never know what amazing results and personal fulfillment you'll achieve!