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Unbeetable Relish - Pump up the beats

Unbeetable Relish - Pump up the beats

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Pump up the beats and enjoy our delectable chunky balsamic beetroot relish.  Jazz up a boring sandwich, burger, eggs or cheese and crackers.

Not only is our Unbeetable relish extremely delicious on it's own you can amaze your friends at the next bbq with our Unbeetable dip recipe.

Combine 1 tub softened cream cheese, 2 TBS of our tuscan tomato seasoning, 1/2 block your favourite cheese (tasty, parmesan, vintage) we like to use a mix of sharp and crumbly and parmesan, 1/2 jar Unbeetable relish, salt and pepper.  Decorate with a drizzle of balsamic glaze and our salad sprinkles and serve with your favourite cracker and you will be an instant superstar.

Our beetroot is either home grown or sourced locally and is the freshest you will get. 


Onion, beetroot, vinegars, brown sugar, water, ginger, spices, salt, pepper





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